Ondřej / CEO

founder of, visual learner and serial entrepreneur @Ondrejhomola1

Matouš / COO

startup enthusiast and lifelong learner, curating the right content for our beloved tv, my background is in business @MatousTlapak

Mark / VP of marketing

lifelong and visual learner, growth marketing executive. @MarkAndersen

Jakub / creative director

the guy behind the camera; interested in capturing the visual world through the lens. @jakub_hamersky

Martin / shaman and reporter

always keeping a tribe together, tea enthusiast, day dreamer and deep-diver in learning, music and life adventures. @ssnurssla

Danko / reporter

fun. feels. drama. community. learning. sharing. @IamDanielKoren

Nancy / social media intern

hi! I manage the facebook and twitter accounts. with a background in psychology; I enjoy connecting with people and sharing information.

Rory / content marketing intern